His name is JAekelopterus-rhenaniae.

Jaekelopterus rhenaniae is an extinct species of the Eurypterida (sea scorpions). He's pretty much my favorite animal.

New York Fact

Eurypterus Remipes, an extinct relative of the modern king crab and sea scorpion, was adopted as the State fossil in 1984.

During the Silurian Age (over 400 million years ago), Eurypterus Remipes crawled along the bottom of the shallow, brackish sea that covered much of New York, extending from Buffalo to Schenectady and south to Poughkeepsie, roughly along the route of the New York Thruway.

Eurypterids — species of Ancient Sea Scorpions

Eurypterid (sea scorpions) are an extinct group of arthropods(insects) related to arachnids which include the largest known arthropods that ever lived.

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